Celebrating colour, culture and diversity is the Taisir Gibreel brand philosophy. The collections are tailored to all aspects of everyday life, bringing the unique and striking to the individual. Taisir’s sense of colour and pattern and her fearless approach to design lead to highly distinctive and elaborate combinations of colour and print; creating bold and abstract designs. A keen interest in current affairs lends her work a compelling narrative which is the corner stone of her designs.

Taisir’s Father was Sudanese and Mother is English, having grown up in Sudan and moved to the UK at 17, her work reflects her background, an eclectic cultural fusion, set against the colours, shapes and textures of the Scottish Highlands.

Taisir moved to Scotland to pursue a degree in textile design. She graduated from Duncan and Jordanstone as a textile designer specialising in print and weave. Shortly after graduating Taisir embarked on her mission to embrace the bold and abstract.

"Come with me on my never-ending journey of discovery as new influences inspire my designs; at time unpredictable, but always exciting and compelling"