Celebrating colour, culture and diversity is the Taisir Gibreel philosophy. Taisir’s sense of colour and pattern and her fearless approach to art and design lead to highly distinctive and elaborate combinations of colour and print; creating bold and abstract art and designs. A keen interest in current affairs lends her work a compelling narrative which is the cornerstone of her work.

Taisir is known to most as a textile artist who draws on her Sudanese and British roots to create a vision of colorful and abstract designs that are based on geometric interpretations of the rural Scottish landscape in which she lives.

Her art collection (Inner Dialogue), however, is a departure from her precise and ordered textile medium to document the mind’s journey through life’s complexity on canvas. Inner Dialogue was conceived and executed throughout the recent events that has separated artists from so much of their inspirations

Taisir Gibreel art and prints offer a bold approach to colour, with distinctive and interesting combinations showcasing her diverse cultural upbringing; bold colours and abstract patterns epitomise her work.


“Come with me on my never-ending journey of discovery as new influences inspire my art and designs; at time unpredictable, but always exciting and compelling”

Image courtesy of the Courier.