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Taisir Gibreel Silk Kaftan Rolling Green Weave

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Taisir Gibreel Giclee Print Distortion Prime | Taisir Gibreel

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JOIN ME AT INCEPTION  I am thrilled to be involved with not only the first exhibition at Dalkieth Palace but the first time this beautiful building will be seen by the public. We artists are fortunate enough to be right there at the beginning. Here we will be, as the...


Inner Dialogue   Taisir Gibreel is known to most as a textile artist who draws on her Sudanese and British roots to create a vision of colorful and abstract designs that are based on geometric interpretations of the rural Scottish landscape in which she lives....


Virtual Craft Fair I love nothing more than attending craft fairs. It is a wonderful opportunity to interact and engage with customers that appreciate the arts and crafts. I also thrive on spending time with other craftspeople, I have made many dear friends over the...