The Dance Unseen

The Dance series  was conceived and executed after the Inner dialogue collection.

The collection begins at a point of frustration – the crimson hues with accentuated light burns brightly as the mind ‘fires on all cylinders’, unable to embrace the order and process that often accompanies Taisir’s designs. There is no ease visually or emotionally, it is building to a point of being overwhelmed.

The crimson anger leads to the dark blue-grey nadir, it is not calming but reflects the despair of a mind at the bottom of a vortex of repeating, never-ending internal conversations like a circular argument with the self that forms an intellectual and emotional perimeter.

This results in an explosion of colour, effectively the mind rebelling against the prison of grey, the red and white explosion captures the mind shouting ‘no’. This moment is followed by pause, and in that moment, the formation of the ‘answer’ to the inner dialogue is found.

The Dance Unseen

45cm x 35cm

Acrylic on Canvas




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