Virtual Craft Fair

I love nothing more than attending craft fairs. It is a wonderful opportunity to interact and engage with customers that appreciate the arts and crafts. I also thrive on spending time with other craftspeople, I have made many dear friends over the years. I always leave energised and bursting with creative ideas.

This last year has been a strange time for all of us and I definitely missed all the craft shows. I am looking forward to taking part in my first Handmade in Britain Virtual Craft Fair. For more information click here

I will be hosting a live session “From Paper to Silk”. I will be discussing the whole design process, from concept, to design and all the way to the final product. The live session is on Tuesday at 2pm. To register please click here

Taisir Gibreel Silk Scarf Silver Dew Midnight | Taisir Gibreel

Taisir Gibreel Silk Scarf Silver Dew Foliage | Taisir Gibreel










I have been working on several new projects one of which is the new Art Collection and Giclee Prints.

To view the full collection click here 











Taisir Gibreel Giclee Print Rolling Hill Muse | Taisir Gibreel